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Eye eye

Whoops, done a YouTube and failed to update this for a while! Check out my latest YouTube vid for the rest of the story on the road trip. I’d embed it here but I’m tapping away on my phone, watching Most Haunted Live in Aldwych tube station.

My iPhone has been a bit of a dick lately, with applications (officially downloaded and therefore approved by Apple) seeming to be the problem. Had to restore my whole phone THREE times this week. And it’s not a short process. It takes hours – literally. I hope it behaves as I still love it, but it’s getting harder to adore something that seems intent on pissing me off as much as it possibly can.

Had an eye test and contact lens check today. At the end when I was presented with the bill (the tests plus 3 month’s of contact lenses), I think the optician could visibly see my jaw drop: £104. Having lost my only pair last weekend, I tentatively asked how much spectacle lenses were these days, since I get £80 worth of frames free. This time she had to pick my jaw from the counter: start at “about £100”. For a bit of plastic! It’s not even glass! I’m sticking with my lovely comfy new contact lenses for the time being. Not least because I can’t afford glasses, even if I wanted them.


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