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Dad seems to be getting better. That’s not an officially approved verdict from any consultants or doctors, but my own opinion. He hasn’t spoken yet (he can’t with the ventilator going into his neck, unless they allow him to use the special valve), but he was mouthing words today.
He started off by saying he had tummy pains. So the nurse went to get some morphine to relieve the pain. As the sister began putting it into him, she asked him again if he had pains. He shook his head. So she said had he had pains anywhere at all that morning. He shook his head. Back to being awkward self then!
He also asked:
“when can I go home?” – a good sign as he doesn’t want to be there anymore.
“where am I?” with Mum helpfully replying “in hospital”. Dad scrunches up face in despair.
“How long have I been here?” I check with nurse that it’s ok to tell him. He says I can. So I tell Dad that it’s day 20. “20 DAYS?!” he mouths and his blood pressure goes through the roof.
I’m much happier in general. So long as nothing major happens to take Dad in the wrong direction, I’m heading back to London on Monday and returning to work next Thursday.


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