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It’s been a while…

…hardly any YouTube videos. No proper ones, in fact. Just waited for 15mins on BlogTV to do a live CallMeRobbie, but no-one turned up. But at least Stephen Fry is following ME on Twitter. Ok, so he follows all of his subscribers – but still.

It’s been a weird few weeks. My Gran died a few weeks back; the funeral was pretty emotional. Feels like ages since I’ve spent quality time with Tom – have had to catch up with the backlog of work since the funeral. Partly because the supply teacher failed to supply teaching as it was needed and I had to repeat tonnes of stuff for the kids! There was the Ofsted inspection, and the car thieves too.

I’ve got a Dell Mini – v cool, v dinky. It’s a netbook – basically a laptop that’s about the same size as a hardback book. It’s just a shame there is no 3G signal at work. (It has an integrated mobile broadband card.) Oh, and the fact that it’s Windows of course. An Apple netbook is still a distant dream, it seems.

Last day of this term tomorrow. I’ll be glad to leave this term behind! And not only because I get a week off.


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