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From the tent!

If you’ve arrived here from my latest YouTube vlog (see below), you will understand what I mean by saying that I’m typing this from inside my new Quickpitch tent.  I’ve bought it for this weekend – it’s Brighton Pride time again!  I’ve been to Brighton Pride for the last 3 years with various people, and every year it’s been great.  Basically, it’s a massive gay gathering in a city on the south coast, pretty close to London, that has a sizeable gay community anyway.  When you add a lot of the gay London community, plus those from even further afield, you have a very large event indeed.  I’m not one for shouting “GAY PRIDE!” – I don’t see the point, really.  There isn’t “Straight Pride”.  I’m not proud to be gay as such, like straight people aren’t proud to be straight. (Neither am I ashamed of it, I should point out!)  But it is great to have a massive gay party every year.  I only really go to the gathering in Preston Park – the parade doesn’t really appeal.  Tens of thousands of people go there, and the atmosphere is amazing.  The last 3 years have been hot and sunny, but it looks like the forecast this year is for rain.  Oh dear.  I’m sure I’ll still have fun.  Heck, it’s to celebrate my birthday as well.  I WILL have fun!


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